I started writing letters to our unborn child and documenting my growing baby bump before a blog was born. I wanted to capture my thoughts so if my child should ever ask (if my child is anything like me he/she will be curious) so I started writing little letters.

This is the very first.

Week 5

My sweet baby,

Right now you are the size of an Appleseed. An Appleseed! So tiny and fragile and yet I feel myself so very aware of you. Right now it’s mostly a secret that you are going to be joining our family. We have dreamed of you and prayed for you for what seems like an eternity. We have imagined what you will look like, which of our traits you will pick up and laughed about how hard-headed you will be coming from the two of us. But mostly we are just so thankful for you – so in awe of the fact that we will get to be your parents. We’ve got what feels like a long time to be tied closely together before you come into the world. I intend on relishing every moment I have you to myself. The minute you make your appearance you are going to be serenaded with so much love – and hugs and kisses from so many people. And even more kisses from your fur brother and sister. You are one lucky baby.