So many people have reiterated the importance of taking belly pics each week. They say I will be so thankful that I have documented the progress and will love to look back on my growing belly. While part of me fully believes this to be true – the other part of me says, “I’m too lazy to remember to take a picture each week.” The 20 week picture we were going to take turned into a Sunday afternoon – right at  21 weeks picture.

Knowing that we are half-way there is both thrilling and overwhelming. My need for planning, scheduling and being in control AT ALL TIMES makes it quite difficult. I’m working on the laid-back approach that Brandon has so easily. A name? We’ll figure one out eventually. A painted nursery? We’ve got plenty of time. House projects that really need to be completed before Baby? No sweat. We’ve got a few months of weekends to sort those out. I’m working on accepting this attitude.

For now I am enjoying this time of being pregnant. Seeing what my body is capable of and watching my body change and expand for a little person to grow – that is a miracle. No matter where your faith lies, I would find it hard not to feel some sort of spiritual connection when pregnant. Every little movement and every little way the body houses this new creation is breathtaking to me. I feel so very blessed and grateful that I have the opportunity to grow this baby boy. I am humbled that I am given the chance to raise him and love him. And oh how I love him so much already.