Four years ago today I married my best friend.

I can’t say that it’s always been easy. We’ve weathered our fair share of storms. We’ve battled it out in ways I have regretted. But we’ve also laughed so hard we cried, smiled in awe of one another and hugged tightly at the end of the day.

Together we have fought to give the care and respect to our relationship that it deserves. We have learned to communicate with one another, to hold each other up and to push one another to be the very best version of our selves.

I cannot imagine my life without Brandon. He is my rock, my steady place and the laughter I run home to. I feel supported, encouraged and adored.

I’m not sure I ever knew I could be perfectly content to sit and do nothing with someone. But he’s that guy for me.

Our marriage is not perfect. But it is our sacred space.

If I was able to hold a glass of wine tonight (that I could drink!), I would toast to this next chapter in our lives and to the man I am so proud to call my husband.