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We’ve been so busy lately that we have failed on snapping pics of 24 weeks and 25 weeks. Hopefully sometime this week it will happen!

The more exciting things we have accomplished and are on the way to accomplishing:

Garden is fully planted. The newbie vegetable we are trying this year is green peas. I’m so excited. I have no idea what to expect (except for some horror stories about crows and other birds loving to eat all of the peas before you get to them!) I’m determined to eat fresh green peas from my garden. And sweet potatoes. We haven’t tried them before either. I ordered one of those fancy grow bags that is supposed to make it easier and better provide the ideal growing environment. I ordered the slips (5 of them) but they won’t come until sometime later this month. I know my parents will be excited if I really yield the 16 lbs the bag promises (apparently they eat A LOT more of them than we do).

My wonderful mother spent all day Saturday  spoiling both me and the baby. We now have the bedroom curtains (white with embroidered polka dots) and crib sheets and bed skirt ordered. My mother was so very patient with me when we went to the dreaded Babies ‘R’ Us (dreaded only because I found it overwhelming) but the registry is now pretty much complete. I had no idea how many things babies needed (or we assume they need…I mean they really just need food, shelter and love) or how expensive baby things were. It’s enough to send any pregnant woman into a panic.

Today my wonderful father is spending his birthday afternoon putting up crown molding in the baby’s room. I get way too excited about crown molding. Seriously.

It is all coming together and I’m finally able to chill out a little bit. There must be something inherent in the desire to have the baby room all put together long before the baby comes. I know we still have a few months but I just really need it ready. I think it’s part of how I’m processing all of the changes that are about to take place.

Last but not least….Jacob’s new favorite lounging spot is right on top of my stomach. The best part of this – my wonderful husband who panics about every little thing now that I’m pregnant – keeps trying to redirect Jacob somewhere else…afraid he will hurt the baby. I think Jacob just thinks I’ve now got a built in pillow for him where he can easily perch and scope out the rest of the room.