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We had the pleasure of a certain house guest by the name of Mollie. Brandon likes to call her “Tons of Fun” and “Heavy Duty.” Jacob likes to pounce on her and force her to play with him. She likes to bring you her bowl and cry for food. Right after she just had a meal. A girl after my own heart.

Barefoot and pregnant – brewing beer with Brandon. I get to stir the pot for a hour and clean up the kitchen. And in a few weeks I’ll get to watch Brandon enjoy that IPA. Ah pregnancy.

Brandon got a fancy new Nikon. I’m working on learning mine. My favorite subjects – the pups.

My handsome husband – Brandon. A nice afternoon beverage on the patio at Legend. I see a Golden IPA as first date night out after baby comes.

In other news – Brandon has the nursery painted a beautiful shade of gray. The radishes have started to sprout. And I’m in full on nesting mode.