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Week 26! According to one of our pregnancy progress e-mail notifications, our child is the size of a head of lettuce. So if you were to picture a head of lettuce, surrounded by my wife, you would see something like this beautiful sight:

Week 26

She has such a calm, radiant glow. I’m truly stunned every time I see her. She hot.

At this point in the pregnancy, you can really see that head of lettuce moving too. The ears are developed enough to be able to hear us just sitting around talking. Which means now is the perfect opportunity to teach this boy some things with no chance of him saying, “Dad, you’re boring” and walking away. Of course I always run the risk of Kendall saying, “Honey, you’re boring” and walking away, but she knows I’ll just disregard and continue talking while I follow her around.

I have to say lesson one was a success. It’s impossible not to start swinging to Wes Montgomery, and apparently fetuses are no exception. He started kicking immediately. You will too. Go ahead. Take a listen: