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Brandon and I have still not found the time during a weekend for our planned pregnancy photo shoot. I have informed him that time is running out where I will be a willing participant. I am one of the lucky pregnant women who has terribly swollen feet, ankles and legs. This week at the doctor I also was told that I now have the swelling in my lower belly. I say, “Fabulous.”

The only shot he has gotten lately is my actual exposed belly. The outdoor photos will hopefully take place this weekend if the monsoons we have been experiencing lately can hold off for a day.

Sometimes I truly can’t believe there is a baby growing inside of my belly. And then William reminds me of that fact when he kicks me for hours on end. I wouldn’t trade those kicks for the world. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will miss the experience of having him in my belly kicking and turning all day. I also experienced what I am pretty sure were hiccups yesterday. That was a funny experience!

I had my weekly appointment yesterday. William is still measuring a week further along. I’m praying this does not mean he will be a supremely big baby. Part of that prayer is attached to the fact that Brandon and I have been preparing for months through a weekly class for a drug-free birth. Perhaps the mantras I have started collecting should start morphing into something like “I trust my body can deliver this gigantic baby.” But seriously…I have been talking to him and letting him know that if really he just wants to come a week early that would be okay with me because I can’t wait to hold him and smother him with kisses. Even if he surely has his father’s big head. :)

Today my oldest friend in the world and her beautiful partner are headed to Vermont to exchange wedding vows. I am beyond happy for them and have enjoyed the last few weeks of celebrations. This past weekend I co-hosted a bridal shower and then a bachelorette party for Paris and her girls. I am quite proud to say that my pregnant self raged until 1:30 in the morning. Take that, pregnancy.

Me and Paris – my bff since we were 12

Paris, Maria and me (William is so lucky that these two already love him so much!)