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This particular photograph of William perfectly captures the wonder in his eyes while he stares at the curtains in the living room. Watching him explore whatever room we are in with his eyes is like seeing the world for the first time. I now understand what people meant when they would say that one of the great joys of parenthood is watching your child develop and grow. Every day I watch William see something new or explore a new color or texture with his eyes. His grip is getting stronger and he can now successfully pull a large chunk of my hair during a crying spell. The other day he rolled over twice – at only four and a half weeks old!! Of course, by the time we got the video camera to capture this momentous occasion he was done!

Yesterday we had a crack in the Summer heat. It was one of those beautiful late Summer days where you can almost smell Fall around the corner. We took advantage of the weather and had our first stroll just the two of us.