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As a family of three, we are really settling into a finely tuned rhythm. We are now at the stage where we can go to Legend on a Saturday afternoon for lunch and drinks. William is perfectly content to ride along for grocery store trips and Christmas shopping.

Our evenings are down to a perfect science. We nurse before dinner, William gets a couple of spoons of food (so far we have tried rice cereal – which Brandon said tastes like cardboard – and sweet potatoes). William plays in his bouncy seat while we make dinner. We eat our food while William plays in his exersaucer or rests in my arms. Between 8 and 8:30 we give William his bath. He giggles and coos while we wash him. The three of us are usually laughing or singing silly songs. William then gets a nighttime bottle and is in Brandon’s arms being rocked by 9. Our sweet boy sleeps through the night until 6 or 6:30.

The days of colic feel like a distant memory to me now.  I think those long days and nights of crying, and an inconsolable baby, were just the price to pay for the days we have now.

I can no longer remember our life together before William. I can’t imagine what we did with our evenings or what kept us entertained and laughing. William is a source of joy in my life that I could not have imagined. I just want to time to stand still for a moment so I can stand here and drink this all in.