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Here we are at six months. This photograph required some serious wrangling. William is no longer the passive baby who will lie flat on his back while I snap 30 pictures. This go round he was pulling at the sticker, reaching for toys and rolling from front to back to front. After many unsuccessful attempts at the “normal” picture, I realized it made the most sense to just let him be on his stomach. These days, as he is navigating the exciting world of learning to crawl, he is more agreeable when able to make a move. And so my little baby starts to be not such a little baby anymore.

I won’t bore you with the familiar rants of how my baby is growing up and how time is passing so quickly. I will tell you that every day I am more in awe of this little person growing right in front of me. His personality has really come to surface and he is many of the beautiful things of his parents and many of the infuriating. As his godmother and my best friend so eloquently put it, “He is SASSY like his parents.” It’s true. This child lets you know exactly what he wants when he wants it. Lately, he has been letting us know in no uncertain terms that he does not want to go to sleep at the bedtime we have selected. You can walk him from the darkness of his bedroom to the light of the hallway and his crying will turn off and on like a switch. And temper. Oh, my boy has a temper. Sometimes when I’m playing with him or just watching him, I can so clearly see what type of little boy he will be. He is spirited, hilarious, stubborn and smart. He will keep us on our toes at every turn and I wouldn’t have it any other way.