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Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Chihuly exhibit at the VMFA. On Friday, William and I went with our friend Susan. She graciously spent the afternoon with us – offering me much needed support in my current path toward figuring out what is next. On Sunday, we went as a family with my parents and younger sister. The first time William and I went he was more interested in the people than the actual exhibit. The colors didn’t attract his attention like I had anticipated. On Sunday, however, he was captivated by one part of the exhibit. You walked through a hallway and over 1,000 pieces of glass were displayed through a glass wall above you. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Looking at the display above, instead of in front, made the colors and designs look even more amazing.

There was something really emotional for me in sharing that moment with William. I was very attracted to the exhibit, but seeing William truly experience all of those colors and shapes made it that much more intense for me.