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Dear William,

As I write this you are napping peacefully in your swing. Don’t be fooled. It took a solid ten minutes of coercion to convince you that I was indeed making you take a nap. You can’t be bothered with sleep. You are forever on the move exploring every toy, book, and ball you can find. You are boundless energy and I love watching you as you discover what sounds each toy will make, and how you can transfer objects from one hand to the other. It is the opportunity to see how magical every little thing in life is all over again. Except this time I cognitively understand how fascinating movement and exploration really are. What a gift that truly is.

I write to you today because I have noticed your affinity for music. In the morning when we eat breakfast you stare at the record player until I put on a tune. You love for me to swing you in the air and dance. In your playroom I watch you crawl to one of your baskets of toys and take out the drum. You turn it over and start pounding on it. You will hold the ukulele and strum a tune. One day last week you even crawled along the couch, turned over your father’s Strat and starting strumming. It was as if you had always known what to do.

Even if you never take up an instrument or pursue music as a hobby, I hope and pray that you will find as much peace and satisfaction out of a love for music as I have. Your father loves music in a different way than I do. He is a musician (I can play the piano but I’m no musician) and he enjoys the performance and the practice. I enjoy listening, memorizing songs and belting them out when I’m alone. I enjoy getting really fired up while listening to an album. My heart feels like it is beyond full because of how much I just LOVE a song or an album. Music is something that has carried me through my life through difficult and beautiful times. I wish that for you – that you may know music as something that can build you up, heal you and sometimes save you from yourself.

The romance between your father and I started because of music. We worked together in a small, cramped office and it was our shared interest in music that started our friendship. We would alternate playing songs and albums for one another. Your father introduced me to a love for Bob Dylan and I introduced him to a love for Ani Difranco. That pretty much sealed the deal. ;) We fell in love over concerts, late-night album listening sessions and conversation over the merits of artists and songs. Music has defined so much of how we came to fall in love and understand one another.

I see in you an early interest in music and a responsiveness to the different sounds you hear. It is my promise to you that I will expose you to a wide range of music, and I will take you to many concerts. I pray that you may always have the love of music to keep you company when you are lonely, and to drive you when you are moving through the chapters of life.

I love you my sweet boy.