After dragging our feet and debating what we wanted to do, we finally planted the garden. We mixed things up this year and finally used our past mistakes to make better planting decisions. This year we have two types of tomatoes, squash, an array of peppers, beets, and a lettuce mix.

This time last year I can remember very clearly dreaming about and writing about having William with us in the garden. I was daydreaming about his little feet digging into our rich, black dirt and his little hands covered in dirt. This year those dreams became reality. William immediately went for a large handful of dirt and quickly put it all in his mouth. Before we could get a hold of him he had swallowed it. His face, hands and clothes were covered in dirt and he was having a ball.

Here a few iphone pics of our little family planting our first garden together.

IMG_9953 IMG_9067 IMG_8231 IMG_8201 IMG_7595 IMG_5896 IMG_5582 IMG_5400 IMG_5193 IMG_5165 IMG_4020 IMG_3083 IMG_3038 IMG_1668