Back in February, Brandon and I had a conversation about the future of our family. I said I felt like if we only had William I would be perfectly content. I didn’t want to go down the road of any fertility interventions this time. We would let nature take its course – believing full well that it would take a miracle for anything to transpire after we had been told by a specialist that it was impossible for us to conceive on our own. Brandon felt strongly that William should have a sibling, and I agreed that it was important. I felt open to adoption. We left the conversation there.

Fast forward a month and a half and I started to feel pregnant. I was sure it was not true. There was no way. They had told us there was no way. I waited 11 days before I broke down and bought a test. I just knew it was impossible and it was silly to even think a pregnancy could happen. Sure enough – we found out we were pregnant. I went through every emotion in the book. I was surprised, scared, anxious, excited…did I mention anxious and scared? Brandon was just excited. Thank God for Brandon’s reaction because I spent a lot of timing crying and upset. I wasn’t upset about a baby. There is nothing greater I can think of than another child in our family. I was upset because I felt ill-prepared to take on another baby right now. The idea of two babies in diapers at the same time….two babies in cribs…two babies in daycare…but then we went to the first appointment and saw the ultrasound and I knew it was the greatest blessing in perfect time. Our children will be 17 months apart. Neither of our children will ever remember life without a sibling. That’s a beautiful gift in my book.