I’ve always found it hard to really get in the middle of a moment and appreciate it while it is happening. I’m forever planning and looking forward to the next “big” moment that I often lose sight of the moments that are in the here and now. But, it is in these moments that are the here and now where I find the greatest beauty and source of joy.

Last night we went for a walk after William’s supper and right before his bedtime. Brandon had him strapped to his back in the carrier. We made it a mile before William had passed out and his poor little head was bobbing and weaving. Brandon turned the carrier around so William was laid on his chest. He stayed asleep nestled against Brandon the rest of the walk. It was the first night we have had cool weather all summer. It was just one of those nights; the kind of night where everything feels right and you find that unexplained, easy kind of happiness.