photoHere recently it’s been hard to think of something to write about. While William has been doing plenty of adorable things, throwing tantrums I thought only 2-3 year olds were capable of, and battling two illnesses….I’ve found a loss for words.

This last week has been a rollercoaster of emotion in our house. The end of last week started with William running a high fever which quickly escalated into the hand, foot and mouth disease we knew was coming (Thank you daycare!). On top of that he was battling a double ear infection which has just progressively gotten worse in one ear this week to the point that the doctor said, “It hurts me just to look at it…”

In between these two pitiful bouts of sickness, our neighbor passed away. Lloyd Little was a man who welcomed us to the neighborhood the very first day we looked at our house. He was forever walking over to chat, to pick guitar with Brandon, to offer advice on fixing our house/killing the bees/landscaping the yard…and on and on. He loved to bring us treats and if he came across something he thought we could use then he was right there to give it to us. He was so excited when we told him we were expecting William, and I am forever grateful he was able to meet him and interact with him as he got bigger.

The gut-wrenching end of this week brings the re-homing of one of our dogs. It’s a subject we haven’t discussed with pretty much anyone but close family. Jacob has had a really hard time adjusting to William. It started with him marking William’s things, places William played, etc. and then moved to him snapping at William and at one point going in for a bite. We have done everything we can to keep them separate – putting up gates on rooms that William plays in, keeping our upstairs blocked off and giving Jacob lots of outside time. Things continued to escalate to him peeing wherever in the house (even after being outside for an hour) and making it clear that this situation is not working for him. We took him to the vet for advice and were told point-blank that this situation is only going to escalate – especially once we bring a second child into the home. We were advised to consider making Jacob an outside dog. This has been a stressful, emotional and hard decision but we know in our hearts that Jacob deserves to be someone’s “baby” and deserves to be in an environment where he is both happy and protected from making a mistake (i.e. biting) that could cause serious consequences for everyone. We are hopeful that today we have found someone who is deserving of Jacob’s love and affection.

This would not be a journal of our lives if we did not include the hard and emotional parts along with the joyous and beautiful ones.