Sometimes I think if I were a better mother I would be writing down every adorable or new thing that William does…..but let’s be honest – that’s just not realistic. My energy level with this pregnancy never hit that level of improvement that’s supposed to happen in the second trimester. I’ve just remained tired. And now I have only six weeks to go and I’m exhausted.

William certainly keeps us on our toes. Lately he’s become a little monkey and there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that he will not attempt to climb. He’s also in a phase of constantly shaking his head “yes” or “no” regarding any and every thing we say. It’s comical.

This series of photos began with a very happy William enjoying his milk. He quickly realized that because he was drinking his milk he did not have his “Ne-Ne” (Binky) and then the crying started. He was soon distracted by the desire to climb into the high chair for a nightcap dessert of cottage cheese.