DSC_9818Dear William and Noah,

Right now you are only vaguely aware of one another. William – you know there is this baby that now lives beside you and steals attention away from you but you are not fully aware of what it all means. Noah – you have no idea. Though you may be slightly in tune to the fact that one person who lives here has tried to sit on you, grab your head and kiss you with teeth. Sorry about that.

There will come a time in your lives when you are one another’s best friend and comrade. You will tell secrets, dirty jokes and make faces at me behind my back. (I’d prefer to think you will be far too sweet for that but I was known to do that from time to time so I won’t put it past you just yet.) You will laugh together, cry together (Yes, boys cry!) and grow together. You will figure out what it means to have someone you are forever bound to by blood and love – someone you can’t necessarily live with but certainly can’t live without. The bonds of siblings are powerful and real and even when you may think you hate one another you will find that beneath those negative feelings is a flood of concern, interest and love.

I pray that you will always see in one another a person who has your back and your trust. I pray you will always know one another, and will always feel you have someone forever in your corner to navigate the ups and downs of this life.

It brings me great joy to watch you right now as you slowly become aware of one another and will bring me even greater joy to watch you grow up side by side. You two are my greatest blessings and accomplishments and I could not love you any more than I do.