People have commented to me that the second child gets neglected when it comes to the documentation, photographing, etc. because your time is now divided and scarce. That statement has proven more accurate than I initially believed.

When people ask how we are doing, I want to say, “We are taking it a day at a time.” I think Brandon and I would both say we have never experienced so much joy and fulfillment as we do with our boys. We would also say this is hardest thing we have ever done. Two under two is no joke. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

Noah has just crossed the three-month mark and he’s starting to transition out of the colic symptoms and the stomach troubles into a calmer, happier baby. We have finally witnessed laughing and long stretches of smiles. And he seems thoroughly amused by William. On the same token, William is starting to exhibit sibling jealousy and a need/want to be “the baby”. We are still learning how to negotiate that need, while encouraging William to be the big brother. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that William is really still a baby himself. He’s on the precipice of being a full-fledged toddler, but in many ways is still a baby.

Last week was my first back at work. It was an emotional roller coaster that I know will get easier with time. For now I’m just focusing on all the late night baby cuddles and early morning laughs to get me through.


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