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Noah’s first flight – 3,000 miles to California to see my big sister, Whitney. I came prepared with bags of candy and ear buds for the fellow passengers but Noah slept like an angel and never cried. I don’t know how I got so lucky. It was a whirlwind trip – in on Friday evening and out first thing Monday morning. Whitney is getting married in August and we only had two full days to find a wedding dress. I’m so grateful to my mother for the opportunity to visit with Whitney and take part in this special portion of her wedding. I’m also grateful for another chance for Whitney to spend time with one of her nephews. Living 3,000 miles apart means we only get maybe one chance a year to see one another and catch up. It only gets harder now that I have two kids. I didn’t take my real camera so all I have to show for the weekend are some poor quality iPhone pics. But memories are memories no matter the pixel quality.


I’m so tired in this picture. But, Noah’s expression is priceless.


For some reason Noah thought Whitney was hilarious!!


I love my big sister so much!


Snuggles with Aunt Whitney.


Don’t worry. He didn’t actually take part in Whitney’s need for caffeine.


Whitney sat beside Noah everywhere we drove. He was captivated by her.


Noah with Whitney and his soon-to-be uncle RD