Timing isn’t my thing these days, but I felt it important to record how special and wonderful Brandon has proven as a father and daddy. I honestly could not have picked a better partner for a daddy to our children. I’m not sure I realized before having children, and the conversations that follow with strangers and sometimes friends/family, the amount of men who do not participate fully in the lives of their children from the simple tasks of changing diapers to the bigger tasks of providing affection and encouragement. Since the first day we brought William home as a baby, Brandon has changed many more diapers than I have and answered the middle of the night cries with a hug and a rock too many times to count. He is always ready to play, read a book, prepare a meal, change a diaper, pick out an outfit (sometimes those choices are questionable), make bath time fun and rock to sleep with a story and a song. Our boys are blessed beyond measure to have his love, adoration and excitement.

Seeing Brandon as a father is so very special to me.