Always with the fingers in the mouth.


He decided he needed to lift my weights…


For the last time, please don’t sit on the baby!

This past week I took out a plastic tub from Noah’s closet that holds all of William’s nine-month clothes. As I sorted the sleepers and long sleeve onesies to see which ones will work for Noah this fall, I couldn’t help but feel emotional at how fast Noah has grown. It’s strange, but William is at stage now where I don’t long for his baby days so much as I enjoy being surprised at what random thing comes out of his mouth next. I love that he is able to communicate his wants and needs with me (though sometimes I wish he would keep them to himself, especially when they involve demanding me to “Get up, Mommy!” in the morning) and I look forward each evening to asking him about his day and being surprised by his very creative imagination. Noah, on the other hand, is crawling now and starting to pull himself up to stand, and it wasn’t so long ago that he was a tiny six pound baby in my arms. We now have two small boys who are both in different independent stages, figuring things out on their own and exploring the world around them without wanting any help. Noah is determined, and as fast as we attempt to redirect his attention or his crawling direction, he is turned right back around or has the forbidden item in his hand or mouth. William wants to do everything himself and is convinced anything and everything is “Mine!” His other favorite words and expressions include: No, I see, I want it, Go away, Mommy/Daddy said No! (he loves to go to the other parent and pout with this one).
My boys are so different from one another in temperament and personality, but they are unmistakably siblings in the way they are both strong-willed and headstrong. I love to look at Brandon and say, “I have no idea where they get that from!”