Last night during dinner, William was taking his fork and digging it into his food and flinging it on the floor.

Me: William, I asked you to stop. If you do it again, I will take your fork.

William looked me dead in the eye and did it again. He then handed over the fork, “Here, Mommy.”

Me: William, who do you think is going to clean up your mess on the floor?

William: Daddy.

We laughed a long time over that one.


A few nights ago, William was begging to keep riding his car around the block.

William: Mommy, I need to.

Me: Do you need to or do you want to?

William: I want to!

Me: Well, we have to go take a bath.

William started crying and yelling loudly for his Papa, who he had just seen for a couple of hours while Brandon and I ran errands.

William: Papa. I love Papa. I NEED Papa. Mommy said no.