IMG_4184This morning, as is the case most mornings, William hollered from his crib, “Mommy, come get me!” I was exhausted  and actively avoiding getting up. Brandon got up to go to the bathroom and told William he would come get him. “No, I only want Mommy!” Brandon came back into the room and said, “I think you have to get up.”

I walked into William’s room and picked him up, tiptoeing out and whispering for him to please be quiet as Noah was still (shockingly!) asleep. William asked to go get in the “big bed” so I put him in bed with me for a few more minutes of sleep and cuddles.

William said, “Mommy, I like you the most.”

Brandon said, “You like me too, right?”

“No, I don’t like you! I like Mommy!”

I rolled back over and said, “William, you know you like Daddy. He plays trains with you and teaches you things. He lets you help him cook. Remember he’s the one who makes good breakfast. He makes you yummy eggs! Don’t you like Daddy?”

William, without missing a beat, “Well, I do like his eggs, so…..”