IMG_5703 IMG_5708 IMG_5721 IMG_5761 IMG_5780 IMG_5784 IMG_5793 IMG_5798Truthfully, Noah and William are both considered toddlers. But I feel compelled to still call them my babies because time is not slowing down and they are quickly reaching their individual stages of independence and defiance. Try telling Noah “no” and you will see a temper tantrum unlike any other. His face turns red, he balls up his fists and he lets out a wail. It could not be any more clear that he is now angry and you are the problem. And I love it.

Our life often feels like a tailspin and we are just hanging on by a thread. I think partly that’s the nature of life, and partly it’s because our children are 16 months apart and two and under. Most mornings I find that all four of us are tightly squeezed into our queen-size bed and fighting for covers. William is attempting to “chug” around the bed to pull in the “station” and Brandon and I are begging him to “please don’t wake up your brother!!” Then there’s the battle of Noah and William both reaching for/crying for my glass of water on my nightstand. I never get to drink it. I should resolve each night as I fill it up that I will never actually get to drink it. I’m actually just pouring it for William and Noah.

More and more they are playing together, communicating with one another and  fighting with one another rather than playing around or beside one another. When we tell Noah to get “brother,” he runs for him. William will pick Noah up, cuddle him in his arms and Noah will chase William down for an open-mouthed sloppy kiss. Watching siblings really become siblings is fascinating. It’s so easy to take for granted the built-in love and adoration that comes with having a sibling.

Growing up with sisters, and having only girl cousins, I really did not experience the wild, energetic craziness that is boys. William will run laps around the downstairs of our house for twenty minutes without stop. Noah will climb any surface, pick up any object and attempt to take it apart and be all the way up the stairs before you’ve had time to notice that he is no longer standing at the train table. They are adventurous, curious and free-spirited.

The highlight of this past week has been watching William really “take” to a song on the radio. Hearing him run around singing, “Uptown, funk you up. Uptown, funk you up” is incredibly entertaining.

At the end of a long day of work, or another ball dropped or problem to fix, it is these two that help me see the light.