In only another month and a half, my baby will turn three and my sister will give birth to my nephew. Big things happening around here!!

Every developmental milestone is a surprise and watching both my children as they hit their respective ones is fascinating. William is my verbal child. While I was once afraid of his lack of language, when he took off with words – he really took off. He explains feelings, asks thoughtful questions, remembers stories and facts (and promises!) and can easily express what he wants and is thinking. Noah is very nonverbal and at 18 months only says repeatedly “Dada” and Mama.” While I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried and anxious about this delay, I am more than thrilled at his fine motor skills. Much different than William in this category, Noah loves to stack things, put things together and take them apart and figure out how things work together. He even took their Harley tricycle apart! He literally took the wheels and axle off of the bike (it would not go back together and is no more). It is this skill set that makes me ease up a bit about his language and focus on the strides he is making in other ways. I think that is a lot of parenting – learning how to focus your energy on the positive and let go of the worry over what you cannot control. I know Noah will talk in his own time and in the meantime I focus my energy on the fact that my little baby can take apart a tricycle!

There are so many stories I wish to share and so many conversations with William worth putting out in the universe. For now I leave a few recent pictures until time allows for all the words I want to put down here.

Noahfinal Williamfinal WilliamNoahfinal