This week we had Noah’s 18 month appointment. To say it was anything less than exciting would be a lie. Because of his inability to communicate verbally, he gets frustrated when he wants something and cannot find a way to express it. He’s great at shaking his head “yes” or “no” and can point or follow directions wonderfully. While we were waiting for the doctor to come to our room he was frustrated that he couldn’t touch or get to whatever it was he wanted. His reaction to this frustration was to hit me repeatedly in the face, as well as take his metal car and hit me as hard as he could in the nose. He had several time-outs while we waited and I was struggling to calm him down and reassure him. All that to say, Noah is stubborn, fiercely independent and headstrong. In fact, he’s as headstrong as they come. When his reports come home each day, they say that he has been in time-out for climbing tables repeatedly, climbing his friends, biting or hitting. The contrast between this behavior and the sweet, cuddly, loving part of his personality is endearing and frustrating all at the same time.

IMG_7907 IMG_7910

Noah’s weight and height are now around the 50% range which is great considering he spent so long in the 2% range as a baby. He eats like a horse. They did say he had an “expressive speech delay” which I knew already. He understands perfectly but cannot communicate. He also spent about a year of the past 18 months, if not longer, with ear infections so he never could actually hear very well. That could also factor into this delay. We have plans to meet with Early Intervention and assess if he needs speech therapy. Either way, I know that when he’s ready and able to talk he will catch up fast. He’s smart and attentive and I have no worries for his ability to make great strides when he’s ready.

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For the fun stuff:

  • Noah’s favorite book is “Where is Baby’s Belly Button?”
  • His favorite toys are cars, trucks, balls, riding his car outside, playing in the water table, and playing on his swing set.
  • His favorite foods are yogurt, cheese, Cheerios, french fries, broccoli, strawberries, watermelon, macaroni and cheese and all bread products.
  • He loves to watch Chuggington, Thomas the Train and Sesame Street. He also really LOVES watching Bob Ross on Thursday mornings with Daddy.
  • He gives the best cuddles and will still nestle into your chest for long periods of time. And he gives the greatest sloppy kisses when he’s not being obstinate.
  • He LOVES William and wants to follow him around, play with his toys and thinks he is hilarious.
  • His laugh is infectious and incredible.