The last post on this blog came July 2015, shortly after William’s third birthday. This was the beginning of the unraveling of all we knew as our little family of four. At that time I didn’t know my love letters to my children were ceasing on this outlet of mine because I was withdrawing into what would become a monumental change in all of our lives. I just knew changes were coming.

This blog was a creative outlet for me, a way for me to document for my children their lives through my lens, a way for me to write to them from time to time my reflections on their lives, my love for them, and how important I view each moment. I didn’t realize that equally important was for them to know and understand all that was going on in my heart for them through that unraveling. I just knew I had to show up.

There’s no real way to go back and document the past two years, all of the heartache and unraveling that has happened in all of our lives. I pray what they will know from this time is that the two people who love them the most never wavered or flinched in their dedication and support to their happiness. And I have to believe that tonight is a glimpse of what we have worked so hard for in this time.

Two years later, multiple houses, divorced parents, and a new reality and this was their evening: Brandon picked them up from school, took them to play for an hour, brought them to my house where we enjoyed a family dinner, the boys and I read books, and before bed William and I planned the strawberry pie we will make in the morning before school for Daddy. Because no matter what we will keep showing up for one another and we will continue to be a family.

“If not for you
My sky would fall
Rain would gather too
Without your love I’d be nowhere at all
I’d be lost if not for you
And you know it’s true.”